PE Softgels AF with Fish DNA Cellular Extracts + Free 6 Sachets HMD 2IN1


To celebrate Mother’s Day, we’re offering Free sachets of HMD 2IN1.

Free 6 Sachets HMD 2IN1 (worth USD 30) with the purchase of PE Softgels AF with Fish DNA Cellular Extracts.




PE Marine is health supplement that using Fish DNA Extract as main ingredients. To be compared with PE Softgel AF, PE Softgel AF with Fish DNA Cellular Extract has higher concentration of Fish DNA, which emphasize more on the health benefit that this premium ingredients can offer.

Fish DNA Cellular Extract is obtained via water phase extraction of fish milt, this original process of extraction able to preserve the polymerised of form DNA, which is the main constituent of the fish milt. Fish DNA Cellular Extract possesses various biological properties such as antioxidants, antimicrobial, photo protective and anti-photo aging activities. It helps to improve physical performance, support musculoskeletal health, stimulate immune system and stimulate the production of healthy collagen and elastin in skin.

PE Softgel AF with Fish DNA Cellular Extract is also fortified with Coenzyme Q10 and Grape Seed Extract to complement and work as synergy for better potency.

Coenzyme Q10
Ubidecarenone is a naturally occurring coenzyme, a free radical scavenger and possesses antioxidant and membrane stabilizing properties
Grape Seed Extract
Rich in oligomeric proanthocyanidin complexes which possess antioxidant activity.

Non-placental PE Softgels AF with premium fish DNA cellular extracts is manufactured in Switzerland. PE Softgels AF with sheep placenta is manufactured in Germany, EU and the United States.

Box of 30 softgels

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HMD 2IN1 is a natural detoxifier made from sorbent all-natural mineral to protect you against heavy metal toxicity and environmental chemicals. It is naturally designed to absorb harmful chemicals in the body such as ammonia, with no risk of overdosing.
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