MF3 PE Softgels AF

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Daily Nutritional Support System with Premium Sheep Placenta* Extracts and Marine Cellular Ingredients for Complete Wellness and Rejuvenation




MF3 PE Softgels Advanced Formula (PE Softgels AF) is an award-winning development of traditional cellular regenerative therapy in potent oral softgels, an innovation milestone in the global health industry. These premium softgels have an unmatched capability to accelerate cellular renewal and repair not only at the mere depth of the skin, but also at the interlinking structures of inner organs and tissues. It combines the benefits of sheep placenta extracts and marine cellular ingredients for a long-lasting and complete rejuvenation.

Non-placental PE Softgels AF with premium fish DNA cellular extracts is manufactured in Switzerland. PE Softgels AF with sheep placenta is manufactured in Germany, EU and the United States.

Box of 30 softgels

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