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Due to popular demand, MF3 EVOLUTION 3 IN 1 promotion is back!

Rebuild, rejuvenate and renew with our life changing premium health & wellness range.
1 – 2 Boxes @ 3% OFF (USD 291)
3 – 4 Boxes @ 10% OFF (USD 270)
5 Boxes and above @ 16% OFF (USD 252)



For a premium source of complete and balanced nutritional wellness, EVOLUTION 3 IN 1 is the ideal value pack for you.

Ideal for maintenance supplementation of existing MF3 softgel users, and a first introduction to the Evolution Softgel Series pack.


Rebuild, Rejuvenate and Renew

• Higher concentration of active ingredients
• Stronger potency formulation* for optimum bioabsorption
• High nutrient contents with a wide range of health benefits

* in comparison with AF Series formulation.


Name Range Discount
EVO 3IN1 Dis% 1 - 2 3 %
EVO 3IN1 Dis% 3 - 4 10 %
EVO 3IN1 Dis% 5 - 999 16 %


EVOLUTION 3 IN 1 pack contains the three softgels of the Evolution series: PE, VP and MCE Evolution. This value pack offers the distinct benefits of all Evolution softgel types.

Each pack contains 30 softgels. 10 softgels of PE, VP, and MCE softgel Evolution supplements.

PE EVOLUTION contains Sheep Placenta Extract enriched with concentrated bioactive ingredients for intensive cellular renewal. With the combined benefits of Fish DNA Cellular Extracts and Ubiquinol an essential antioxidant, this supplement promotes healthy cellular renewal, functions and maintenance for overall wellness and longevity.

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VP EVOLUTION features MF3’s proprietary blend of plant placenta ingredients known as Dermacenta Plus™. Combined with Phytowhite Tripeptide and Ubiquinol, VP Evolution offers potent antioxidative and skin whitening properties for your skin maintenance, cellular-building activities, and overall wellness.

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MCE EVOLUTION exclusively features Fish DNA Cellular Extracts and with a formula that combines the natural goodness of Krill Oil, Fish Oil, and natural antioxidants Astaxanthin and Ubiquinol for the support of musculoskeletal, skin, metabolic, and immune health.

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Used together they offer unrivalled nutritional and cellular building supplementation for a well-rounded support in general wellness.

Dosage form: Enteric coated softgels
Indication: Used as a dietary supplement
Recommended intake: For daily intake we recommend consuming one softgel each day. You may start with PE followed by MCE and VP consecutively.
For further consultation on this supplement, please email your inquiry to nutritionist@mf3swiss.com.
Precaution: Keep out of reach of children. If symptom persists, please consult a doctor.
Storage: Store below 25°C in a cool, dry place.
Packaging: Softgels are shielded from any adverse conditions in a pharmaceutical grade blister pack using tamper-evident cold forming aluminium foil. The foil blister provides a 100% barrier to moisture, oxygen, and light. This maintains the integrity of each individual softgel from production right until consumption. Perforation lines that separate each softgel allow convenient handling and storage.
Manufacturing country: The Evolution Softgels Series are strategically produced in Switzerland, Germany and USA to conform to international regulating standards of different jurisdiction. The first productions are in USA in FDA-approved and GMP-certified manufacturing facilities in Maryland and New York. To determine the manufacturing country of a specific pack, please refer to the corresponding licensed manufacturer information shown on the batch of the products.

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