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Hormonal Imbalance


Beginner pack:  PE Evolution (10 softgels) + VP Evolution (10 softgels) + AHL Melting Tablets (30 tablets)

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PE EVOLUTION(10 softgels) :

Enhanced formulation of Sheep Placenta Extracts with Premium Fish DNA Cellular Extract and Ubiquinol. Sheep Placenta Extracts helps to regulate hormone secretion, restoring the normal function of hormones producing glands in our body.

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More info, visit mf3swiss.com/pe-evolution

VP EVOLUTION(10 softgels) :

Enhanced formulation of Vegetal Placenta Extracts which contains naturally occurring isoflavonoids that provides many health benefits, to ease menopausal symptoms. Phytowhite Tripeptide is important for enzyme activation, affecting every system in the body especially the endocrine system.

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More info, visit mf3swiss.com/vp-evolution/

AHL Melting Tablets (30 softgels) :

With natural isoflavone, cholecalciferol and biotin, AHL Melting tablet stabilise fluctuating hormonal imbalance caused by anxiety, stress, disease, medication, and other factors.

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Health tips: mf3-ltd.hk/for-hormonal-imbalance/

35days course (maintenance) – long term

1st 15 days for hindering xenoestrogen : 1 tablet AHL Melting Tablets in the morning and night through sublingual, empty stomach

2nd 10 days for promotion of hormonal balance: 1 softgel VP Evolution in the morning, 30 minutes before breakfast.

3rd 10 days for hormonal regulation and emotional wellbeing: 1 softgel PE Evolution in the morning, 30 minutes before breakfast.  

For individualise intensive (Repair) course, kindly seek our nutritionist advice at nutritionist@mf3swiss.com.

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