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Hair and Scalp Rejuvenation


Hair and Scalp Rejuvenation Combination beginner’s pack: 
MCE Evolution (10 softgels) + HFR spray (10ml) + AHL Melting Tablets (30 tablets)

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Hair Follicle Regenerator (HFR) Spray (10 ml) :

HFR spray contains peptides that may increases the blood circulation of the scalp, stimulating hair growth by raising the Growth Factor (IGF-1) mRNA level to enhance hair growth. Cellular proliferation and migration will be regulated during the development of hair follicles, maintaining the anagen stage (active hair growth phase), and delay the catagen stage (inactive hair growth phase). On top of that, it helps in reduction of inflammation on the scalp.

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MCE EVOLUTION (10 softgels) :

MCE Evolution both comprises of Fish DNA Cellular Extracts which stimulates synthesis of collagen. In the body, collagen is broken down into amino acids which will be used as building blocks for hair, namely amino acids proline as it is one of the main components of keratin to generate hair strands. Besides, collagen exists as a powerful antioxidant to avoid hair follicles damage by free radicals.

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AHL Melting Tablets (30 softgels) :

This formula contains three active ingredients, namely soy isoflavone, cholecalciferol, and biotin. Natural soy isoflavone stimulates the production of growth factor (IGF-I) for hair growth. Cholecalciferol is a natural form of vitamin D which exerts an anti-inflammatory property, regulate proliferation of keratinocytes by binding to Vitamin D Receptor (VDR) so that VDR can be expressed in the hair follicles, very important for normal hair cycle. The absence of VDR will lead to hair loss. Biotin or vitamin B7 is an effective ingredient for hair regrowth, highly needed for carbohydrate, fat and protein metabolism. Lacking in biotin may result in poor nutrients metabolism, causing malnourished hair follicles which may lead to severe hair loss.

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1-month Hair and Scalp Rejuvenation Course

Day 1 onwards
HFR Spray:
(Spray approximately 10 cm from scalp on targeted area, rub gently.
For best result. Apply in the morning and evening after hair wash. Suitable for dry or damp hair.)
Note: The bottle contains approximately 200 sprays.

Day 1-15
AHL Melting Tablets:
2 tablets per day
(One tablet 30 minutes before breakfast, and another 30 minutes before dinner)

Day 16-25
MCE Evolution
1 softgel per day
(30 minutes before breakfast)

For individualise intensive (Repair) course, kindly seek our nutritionist advice at nutritionist@mf3swiss.com.

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