Join us on this Father’s Day Celebration!

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This promotion ends on 30 June 2017.

Happy Father’s Day to all, and our beloved dads out there!


+ - Learn about heavy metal toxic risk on your body

Heavy metal toxicity has been a health risk to humanity since the rise of the industrial age. These toxic substance can enter, accumulate and affect our bodily system in various ways. Here are some common heavy metals and their associated health risks you should know.

Cadmium (cigarettes/food) : kidney damage, skeletal damage (osteoporosis / fractures),may increase risk cardiovascular disease
Mercury (food/dental amalgam) : risk to the fetus, low risk of neurological damage to adults
Lead (petrol) : children are susceptible, neurotoxic effects
Arsenic (food/drink) : increased risks of skin cancer, hyperkeratosis and pigmentation changes, lung cancer

Symptoms of toxicity

Chronic fatigue
Weight loss resistance
Anxious and irritable
Cold hands and feet
Metallic taste in mouth

Muscle tremors
Chronic pain
Skin problems

Feeling disoriented
Digestive problem
Cognitive dysfunction
Poor immunity

+ - Learn about our natural heavy metal detoxifier - HMD 2-in-1

Heavy metals can embed in the human central nervous system and bones, and accumulate over the years until the effects begin to show in your health. This is known as heavy metal poisoning.

Fortunately, there’s a solution to this problem!

HMD 2 in 1 helps to detox heavy metals and restore the biological balance of your body’s internal system.

This product is a blend of oral food-grade powder mix of :

Nanomized Natural Organic Food Grade Mineral Silicate
Coriandrum Sativum
Nigella sativa
Chlorella Vulgaris
and Magnesium & Calcium

It works by :

Bonding with toxins for safe and effective removal through urination and defecation, thanks to its natural negative charge.
Promoting efficient transport of nutrients to cells and

Get the Total Body Rejuvenation and Vitality you desire!