Celebrating Sister's Day with OUR SENSATIONAL Placenta 3R & Caviar 3R serums


This Sister’s Day, we’re sharing our favourite solution to looking younger. Common aging-skin conditions can be reversed through enriching ingredients made for the skin. Our Swiss made Premium 3R Serums are designed just for that.

These premium serums are offered at a lower price this special Sisterly month. Get them both only at USD 399 from the normal price of USD 456. Valid until 31st August 2017. Share the magic with your beloved sisters!


+ - Understand the major causes of Aging Skin.

Two types of aging skin

Healthy skin hides your age. But what kind of skin that betrays it?

1. Intrinsic

Internal aging is the normal process of the skin aging over time. Primarily controlled by genetic factors. But, the change in one’s body chemistry and in the skins life cycle will also have a direct affect to this process.

2. Extrinsic aging

Also known as photo aging, this is a premature and controllable aging resulting from environmental factors. It is caused by repeated exposure to ultraviolet radiation (UV) primarily from the sun, but also from artificial UV sources such as fluorescent lamp and environmental aggressions (pollutions, chemicals, extreme climates).

About Dry Aging/Dehydrated skin

Caused by lack of oil produced by sebaceous glands.
Dehydrated skin may feel dry and flaky yet produce oil due to lack of moisture in the upper epidermal cells, which indirectly causes pimple.
Skin dehydration weakens skin defence and creates skin sensitivity, irritation, and premature aging.
When your skin becomes dehydrated you experience symptoms of dryness, flakiness, roughness, irritation, and cracking.

+ - Ageless skin is just a serum away

3R CAVIAR SERUM for Dry Aging Skin

Promote highest possible level of hydration
Protect skin against environmental pollution and make–up
Promote collagen production and skin elasticity for youthful appearance
Reduce skin pigmentation and fine wrinkles

3R CAVIAR SERUM Active Ingredients

Marine DNA Caviar Extract
Malus Domestica Fruit Cell Culture Extract
Sodium Hyaluronate

3R PLACENTA SERUM for Dry Aging Skin and Acne or Scar Problem

Increase skin hydration
Promote collagen production and skin elasticity
Decrease sun damage, age spots and hyper-pigmentation
Treat acne skin which has been damaged from over exfoliation
Accelerate skin healing process and encourage cell renewal

3R PLACENTA SERUM Active Ingredients

Placenta Extract
MMalus Domestica Fruit Cell Culture Extract
Sodium Hyaluronate

Get the Total Body Rejuvenation and Vitality you desire!